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Website Analysis - Boulder Mountain Lodge

Review Date
April 15, 2011

Presented in the tabs below  is a (1) 29-point analysis of your website, (2) quick preview of what a new site might look like, and (3) summary of our recommendations.  In the anaysis, each aspect is scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 3 being the average score. Scoring takes into account the business type, location, etc.  Joe Simmons will be available to amplify fully on our analysis.

Custom Website Analysis for Boulder Mountain Lodge
Attribute Score Special Note
Look and Feel    
Attractiveness 3 Decent look and feel -- clean and simple, but lacking in professional polish. Layout is ordinary. Interior pages lose the textured background and have a width issue.
Does It Engage 2 Little use of dynamic or interactive elements. Presents information in a matter of fact manner.
Use of Imagery 1.5 Has some very nice photos scattered throughout, but in a size and presentation that fails to adequately impress. This is a gorgeous part of Utah and imagery should be big, powerful and front and center.
Differentiation 3 Competent, but ordinary. BML is a delightful lodge in a great location, but one has to really work through the site to learn that.
Branding 3 Prominent, attractive and appropriate logo is good.  Use of color and textures to convey feeling of natural comfort is missing.
Clear Purpose 3 Purpose of website is clear.
Suitability for Business 3 Quiet, simple design is suitable for the business and presumed target audience.
Functionality | Useability    
Ease of Navigation 3 Prominent, clear and persistent throughout site. Easy to use.  Main labels not always obivous for the sub-links beneath them. Clicking on main heading not active. No link to Home Page.  Link offsite from within main navigation (to Hell's Backbone Grill) is generally frowned upon, though it is a related business.
Readability 4 Clean, easy to read and extract information.
Interactivity 3 Has Facebook connection, but only on the Home Page. No other ways to meaningfully interact.
Accessibility 3 Renders well on major browsers. Pages display adequately on mobile devices, but difficult to navigate through site.
Call to Action 2.5 Contact information is rather inconspicuously located in footer. Must navigate to specific page for making reservation or submitting contact form.
Responsiveness 4 Site is responsive.
Errors 4 Did not encounter any errors.
Specific Features    
Contact Form 3 Relatively easy to find and submit email request.
Make A Reservation 2 Static request for reservation only, no integration of booking engine.
Photo Gallery 1 Not present.
Video Gallery 1 Not present.
Social Media 2.5 Facebook link on home page. No Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.
Dynamic Mapping / Directions 2.5 Has good custom maps from some major origination points. Other links bring up third party sites and Google maps.
Timely Promotional Area 2.5 Is present on left side of Home Page only but appears to be a static element.
Organization of Content 3 Pretty clear organizational structure.
Depth of Content 4 Good depth of content both about the business and information for surrounding area.
Timely Updated Content 3 Recent press is about 1 year old - but is a great feauture.  Highlight of Today Show from May 2010 is good, but getting dated. (Understand rural location does impact how much "current" info of interest is possible.)
Testimonials 1 Does not seem to be present.  Highly recommended addition.
Search Engine Optimization    
Keyword Implementation 3.5 Text within pages is generally good.  Feeds “Boulder Mountain Lodge” as title tag on all pages - suggest a variety of title tags on interior pages.
Meta Information 3 Present and appropriate
XML Feed / Sitemap 2.5 Appears not to have current Sitemap XML document nor a sitemap page, but good indexing of navigation element offsets this shortcoming.
Google Results 4 Very good on Boulder Utah related searches; also great on southern utah lodging; lacking on Captiol Reef and Grand Staircase searches
Before After
Before Image After Image

Boulder Mountain Lodge is an attractive lodge surrounded by great natural beauty in all directions. The current website does a good job conveying information about the lodge and the surrounding area. The site is functional, useable and for the most part easy to get around. It is above average as far as Search Engine Optimization.

The most significant shortcoming is with respect to look and feel and specific features. With such a beautiful lodge in such a beautiful area, big, bold imagery should be a top priority. Design is very ordinary, and has few professional touches. The lack of photo or video galleries, dynamic mapping and customer testimonials are significant shortcomings.

We recommend:

  • a full redesign that prominently features the lodge and surrounding natural landscapes in big dynamic slideshow elements.
  • introduction of motion and action to engage the user
  • addition of photo and video galleries, dynamic mapping and prominent customer testimonials
  • better integration of phone number and make a reservation feature

We hope our review has been helpful to you.  Please contact your sales rep Joe Simmons with any questions you might have.

We encourage you to check out some of our Ready-To-Go Designs and also our Portfolio to see the quality and professionalism of our work.